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Building A Top Team For Your Business

Building A Top Team For Your Business

Hiring top talent is one of the most significant challenges facing aspiring entrepreneurs. If you run a business and you’re keen to build a brilliant team, here are some useful tips.

Work with the best industry-specific recruiters

Recruiting and hiring can be complex processes, which are time-consuming. To streamline the process, save time and money and maximise the chances of finding suitable candidates, it’s beneficial to work with the best recruiters. Look for agencies that have expertise in your industry and search for companies that have an excellent reputation like Silven Recruitment. Establish relationships with recruiters, be clear about what you are looking for and make use of services, such as background checks and filtering out candidates who don’t have the relevant qualifications or level of experience. 

Use interviews to get to know candidates

It can be incredibly tough to get to know people and gain an insight into what makes them tick by reading a cover letter and a CV. Use interviews to delve deeper and form connections. Speaking to people, seeing how they interact with you and asking searching questions can help you to determine if they are a good fit for your team. Qualifications and achievements are important for many roles, but it’s also essential to look for individuals who have values that align with your business and to prioritise passion, motivation and dedication. 

Offer an attractive employment package

Competition among employers is fierce. There is a global talent shortage and this means that exceptional candidates often have multiple offers to consider. As an employer, it’s crucial to make your business an appealing proposition for talented individuals. Talk to your team about what matters to them most and keep up to date with industry news and trends to ensure you understand what candidates are looking for. Salary is an influential factor for employees, but more and more people are looking for a healthy work-life balance, flexibility and the opportunity to further their careers. Health and wellbeing benefits are also increasingly attractive to employees. 

Boost employee retention rates

High employee retention rates can help businesses to attract the best talent. If your turnover is high, this can put people off. Loyal, motivated employees, a positive culture and space to develop and progress can all help to make prospective new team members gravitate towards a company. Look after your staff, engage with them, protect and nourish health and wellbeing, facilitate development and try to encourage socialisation both inside and outside of work to foster positive relationships. If you find that employees want to leave after a short period, or they are taking advantage of opportunities or roles elsewhere, it’s critical to ask questions, to analyse where you may be going wrong and to try and identify barriers that prevent employees from staying. 

A talented, motivated, energetic, productive team can take your business to the top. If you’re looking to welcome new employees, take these tips on board to build a top team. Work with experienced, specialist recruiters, be clear about what you’re looking for, use interviews to get to know candidates better and work on looking after your employees and creating a positive culture and environment. 


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