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A Homemade Home For The Craftily Challenged

A Homemade Home For The Craftily Challenged

We’re sure you would all agree that there’s something appealing about a homemade home. In part, this comes from nostalgia. Crocheted blankets and hand crafted furniture remind the majority of us of cozy afternoons with our grandparent’s. The desire for handmade pieces also reaches back to the need to create our homes. Factory manufactured furniture is all well and good, but it’s a step removed from the home making process. Even flat pack pieces can feel lifeless. So, making your furniture and furnishings is the best way you can actively take part in creating a home. Yet, for those of us who aren’t talented at crafting, this is a process easier said than done. Fear not. We’re going to look at a few ways the non-creatives among you can achieve the homemade house of your dreams.

Find easy solutions

Even if you consider yourself a disaster in the crafting realm, you could make more for your house than you realize. You may not be able to make things from scratch, but you can still put your mark on the space by upgrading old pieces. There are many online tutorials about how to distress old furniture. Or, perhaps you want to stock up on some old pieces and collage over them to make them your own. The options for upcycling are endless, and not too creatively strenuous. Do your research and see which ones most appeal to you.

Let someone else do the work

If even upcycling is a step above your skill level, you could entrust other creatives to do the hard work instead. If you know any creative individuals, you could ask if they would help you out. If you want a lot of work done, offer them a fee for their services. It’ll be like having your own personal interior designer. You could also shop for handmade pieces. After all, who said they needed to be made in your home? Contact curtain makers, and companies which make their furniture by hand. Though the majority of companies have turned to factories, there are still homemade options. Bear in mind that you will pay more for these pieces. The hours that go into them don’t come free. But, if you were making them yourself, you’d be paying a fair amount, too. Good quality pieces don’t come cheap. But, it’s a price worth paying. 

upcycling in your home

Know where to shop

If you do want to let someone else do the work, it’s important you know where to shop. This isn’t as easy as heading to the local furniture store. Your best bet is to head online. This will give you access to anything you could imagine. If you aren’t comfortable buying large pieces online, jot down addresses and visit the shops in person! It’s also worth heading to craft fairs, for obvious reasons. You’ll find furniture stands at these events. And, you can start buying your furnishings. You’re sure to find that crocheted blanket you’ve been dreaming of in a place like this.