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A Guide For Bringing Your House Back Into Shape


A Guide For Bringing Your House Back Into Shape

There is never a bad time to begin crucial work on your house, especially if it has stood neglected for a while. However, with summer fast approaching, now could be the best time to do it. Our homes are often overlooked in the winter months, and the weather may have caused serious untold damage to our property. If you have sat in your house and felt a cold draft coming in from the outside, and noticed areas of damp on your walls, then it is not a pleasurable place to be.

Despite your best efforts to procrastinate, don’t let your home depreciate any further. Hard work is more bearable when the weather is warm, and the sun is shining, so roll up your sleeves, put on those old clothes, grab a bottle of water and get to work fixing up your home.

Working on the inside

You may be tempted to buy the latest in big-screen technology to enjoy in your living room, but if the paintwork on the walls is peeling and drafts are coming through the window, you are going to be distracted from that high definition movie you are watching.

Staying on top of all the repairs is difficult but crucial for the safety of you and your family. Some of them can be quite simple, such as changing any depleted lightbulbs and oiling those creaking doors. Painting the walls will bring new colour into your home, and make it a more pleasurable place to hang out in. The tiles may need grouting or replacing in the kitchen and bathroom, and it may take time to unblock some of those smelly sinks.

Spending time working on your house is beneficial, but it’s not worth risking your life over. For that reason, hire a professional for problems with your electrics and plumbing.

Working on the outside

Surprisingly, considering the outside of our home is more noticeable than the inside, we often spend less time sprucing it up. The roof and walls take more damage from the strong winds and heavy rains. Our garden can become unrecognisable, overgrown and tangled with weeds. We are less liable to stay on top of it during the winter, making it less accommodating to sit in when the weather is warmer.


landscaping your garden

So, where to begin? If you intend to sunbathe, the garden is the best place to start. Start by cutting the grass back into shape rather than the ‘day of the triffids’ nightmare it has begun. If the hedges are threatening to take over the lawn, trim them back to a more manageable position. If weeds are sprouting up in places you never knew you had, buy some weed killer and finish them off for good.

When your garden has returned to normal, it’s time to add to it for those precious moments you have out in the sun. Add color with wooden planters showcasing the flowers you enjoy, and line your garden with solar lights giving you extra color when the sun goes down. However, the garden might begin to look a lot more attractive, but the surrounding areas may need some work as well. If your fence is looking battered, give it a repaint or consider investing in a new one. Giving it a bright color will also add to your curb appeal.

Have a look at your driveway and clean all the debris and junk that has gathered over the last few months. The stonework may be damaged, so replace any broken paving. It may even be time to give it a makeover, so a new tile design will give the outside of your house a new breath of life.

If you have noticed a funny smell coming from outside or inside your property, the drains may be clogged. Hire a local blocked drain clearance specialist to unblock whatever is causing the trouble.

Taking a walk around the exterior of your house, consider other repairs and paint jobs that need doing. The window frames could do with a little work, and your walls might need damp proofing. Give your front door a fresh lick of paint, preferably with a bright color to offset it from the rest of the house.

Finally, climb the ladders and clean out the guttering of any leaves and debris. Be careful up there, and if the roof needs some work, consider hiring a professional.

Eventually, your house will be back in shape. You can rest easy, but remember, it is wise to stay on top of everything over the coming months.

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